Monday, April 17, 2006


Apply to become a participant of the 'Association of Interdisciplinary Studies', by sending an e-mail, stating your experience, reasons for participation, areas of interest and send your contact dates. Participation is free of cost and self-sponsored. Please inquire for further details.

Those interested in being a member of the 'Association of Interdisciplinary Studies' please make contact to arrange for a meeting. Memberships are available in the areas of active input, participant/project sponsoring and promotion.

Those interested to engage in the on-line research 'The Evolutuin of Paths, Population and Equitation: A Relational History', be it as participant, member or world-wide associate, please see the link provided.

Please read the posts below for further information.

Ground Rules

The 'Association of Interdisciplinary Studies' rests on a few presumtions.

The assumption that love is good and hate is bad, that comprehensive knowledge in several fields of interest is better than specialisation, that computer time needs to be balanced by out-doors time, that learning must essentially be self-motivated, that the human is called to be responsible, that freedom and fellowship matter.


The French Loi de 1901 'Association of Interdisciplinary Studies' invites up to eight participants anually to La Boulaye to learn and gain experience in the fields outlined below. It welcomes active, sponsoring or multiplying members to support the association's purpose. It welcomes an unlimited number of on-line associates, to participate in the Association's research topics.


The 'Association of Interdisciplinary Studies', founded by Gerd and Christine Sander in 2005, is domiciled in the Norman estate La Boulaye, which, since 1998, is its owners home and base of operations.

Breeding predates and led to the purchase of La Boulaye in 1993. It began near Bonn, Germany in 1989 and was, after 12 years, in 2001, replaced by the research of riding entitled 'Study-Horsemanship'.

Anglo-Arabians: Zola (12), Nidal (15), Leporello (9), Fabian (12)


There are the horses. Distributed on the land. Grazing peacefully in large groups. Awaiting a new day, looking for a rider. These horses were the basis of our research into the physiology of riding. They now serve the research, how to train riders today.

With research of the physiology of riding came the need to write, edit and translate. The need to visualize and illustrate. The need to dig deeper, using slow-motion-film and 3D animations. So why not begin a program, which would allow young adults to not only participate in riding-research, but work and gain experience in these fields of visualisation as well.

There remains a long-standing involvement in art and the art of photopgraphy, providing further opportunity for schooling and work experience. And there is the project 'One Humanity' that, after having found out how riding functions, aims at wanting to know how humanity functions.

It did not take much to realize that, when a group of like minded men and women live, work and meet in La Boulaye, they need to eat. Hence cooking, biological farming and event hosting were added.